From Try.
  • The act of trying or testing in any manner.
    Specifically: —
  • Any effort or exertion of strength for the purpose of ascertaining what can be done or effected.
    [I] defy thee to the trial of mortal fight.
    — Milton.
  • The act of testing by experience; proof; test.
    Repeated trials of the issues and events of actions.
    — Bishop Wilkins.
  • Examination by a test; experiment, as in chemistry, metallurgy, etc.
  • The state of being tried or tempted; exposure to suffering that tests strength, patience, faith, or the like; affliction or temptation that exercises and proves the graces or virtues of men.
    Others had trial of cruel mockings and scourgings.
    — Hebrew, Hebrews xi. 36.
  • That which tries or afflicts; that which harasses; that which tries the character or principles; that which tempts to evil; as, his child's conduct was a sore trial.
    Every station is exposed to some trials.
    — Rogers.
  • (Law) The formal examination of the matter in issue in a cause before a competent tribunal; the mode of determining a question of fact in a court of law; the examination, in legal form, of the facts in issue in a cause pending before a competent tribunal, for the purpose of determining such issue.
    SynonymsTest; attempt; endeavor; effort; experiment; proof; essay. See Test, and Attempt.
    And millions miss for one that hits.
    — Swift.